Work on Railway Road Shakargarh is Decelerated 1

Shakargarh. One of the two main roads that passes through the main city of Shakargarh is railway road. This road was excavated in 2004 during the era of Dr Nimat Ali Javed (Ex. District Nazim) on the issue of laying new sewerage system. Another period of democratic government passed away but road was not constructed. During the last year of Punjab government working on road could not be started by claiming that illegal shops along the roads would be first demolished to broaden it.

After the grand operation against illegal construction along the road, a hope among the Shakargari’s emerged that road would be completed on the earliest. Many of the people gave its credit to Tehsil Administrator Umra Khan but all hopes came to an end after seeing the speed of road development. Now a days, lame excuse of erecting poles on new position is presented.

People of Shakargarh seemed justified to ask this question to all the stakeholders that if metro like projects could be completed within nine months, then what a huge science is involved in this project that this road could not be completed within nine years?

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