Whether Pakistanis Own Pakistan?

Pakistan is a country with many potentials, rivers, agriculture land, four seasons, minerals, and much more than this, its talented people. Despite of all these resources, condition of Pakistan is becoming worst. what is wrong with this country? Condition of certain nation remains same either it is satisfied with its circumstances or it has no intention to improve its condition. Daily life is so full of problems that no one seems to be satisfied but no one thinks and takes steps to change the fate of this country.

One of the main problems of this nation that claims to be the Muslim community is dirtiness. A common man makes its contribution to spread garbage but feels shame to make his surrounding clean. According to Muslims, Cleanliness is the indication of belief in Islam and makes half of its creed. Everyone keeps his house clean but just outside he doesn’t care. What is the main reason? The main reason is that we own only the territory that we call our home, that why in one way or the other we try to make it clean. Unfortunately we don’t own the area just outside our home and forget that this is the true Pakistan by seeing to which any foreigner can easily claim that Pakistan is not owned by Pakistanis.

Lets make a promise that we will not spread wrappers and other waste things here and there. If one can’t make clean then he should at least try not to spread garbage. !

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