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While searching about Umra Khan i came to know that Umra Khan was known as “Nepolean of Pathans”, a pashtun cheif on the north western frontier of British ruled India. Umra Khan was cheifly responsible for Chitral Expedition of 1895.

At the moment the personality under discussion is not the part of history but the incumbent Assistant commissioner of Tehsil Shakargarh. After the transfer of preceding AC Rafiq Ahsan no one was aware that the new AC will prove a nightmare for the people involved in illegal construction. Assistant Commissioner known as “King of Tehsil” in common man’s language can  play a vitole role in the betterment of his domain but unfortunately fewer bureaucrats take interest to do this. In the history of Shakargarh another AC who took appreciable steps for this tehsil is Abdul Jabar Shaheen who worked on key posts including Commissoner Gujranwala, Director General LDA, Secretary Education.

Umra khan having a marvelous personality, simple and honest, took those steps for the betterment of Shakargh that could not be even taken by so called representatives of peoples. Instead of cooperating with Khan, public representive  tried to present obstacles to refrain him by calling higher official and punjab rulers. But all this could not shake the determination of Umra to take actions against illegal constructions along the roads because of which traffic remained chocked most of time. When any one threatened him to transfer, his straight forward answer was that govt had already posted  me in border city, now would i be transfered to India? During the operation against illegal construction, he has not only demolished the private property but also the external wall of judiciary buildings. After the clean operation, the people of shakargarh took a breath of relief and  the working on the railway road has started.

An other feature of Umra’s personality is his interest in public schools. After his transfer to Shakargarh, he made his children admission at Govt Primary School Shakargarh (also known as Mandar wala school). When he visited school, teachers advised khan to admit his children at some better school. When he asked the teachers about their pay, he was told that their salaries range from thrity to forty thousands. At their reply, his comments were that which school can be better than this where teachers are paid so highly. People have observed that teachers are now more regular and efficient. Just imagin that what will be the condition of city if each administrator has contributed in this way. Definitely Khan will move to some higher post after serving here but people of Shakargarh will remember him as dilligent administrator. Well Done Umra Khan!

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11 thoughts on “Well Done Umra Khan !

  • Muhammad Samiullah Khan

    On my last trip to Pakistan, I visited Shakargarh, my birthplace and home town. People there had stories to tell about Umra Khan. Almost everyone spoke very high about him. His honesty, bravery and commitment to common man issues deserves a flying salute.

  • Abdul Quyyum Butt

    Really a nice and honest person… Sir Umara Khan .. Well Done
    I’m from Tehsil Kharian Distt. Gujrat. I’m among those lucky students who have been taught by Sir Umara Khan [when Sir umara was a lecturer in English Subject in FGDegree College Kharian cantt. (2008-9)]

  • Bilal hussain

    Great person and great teacher well done Dearest Sir Umra Khan we all missing you so much and love u our beloved teacher.😚

  • Chaudhry Maqsood Ahmed

    It is worth mentioning that Umara Khan is a position holder in the Competitive Exam (CSS) wherein he held 6th position through out Pakistan. With his hard work and down to earth attitude he won many hearts of the people of Shakargarh. Such officers are the jewel of the Government and should be recognized at every level. May Allah Almighty bestow Umara Khan with success and health in every sphere of his life. Aameen.