Tragedy of Pakistan

The persons who think, can’t do

Those who can do, don’t think

As a result both the categories keep on moving in wrong direction. You can see Pakistanis belonging to every sector of life, ranging from hawkers to highly technical persons discussing about different policies of government. Some are discussing about the security policies of government while the others are giving the solutions of falling economy. Even a nonprofessional is suggesting the ways to produce electricity, to curb the load shedding, without having the knowledge of its production. People are wasting hours after hours by indulging in these discussions. Instead of focusing on their areas of influence, they are worried about their concerns.

On the other hand, government does not even try to give any plan about where nation will stand after four to five years. All of sudden some ideas come to rulers’ mind without knowing about its effect on common person’s life. It seems that government has not even defined its priority list. No health policy does exist in this country, the outcome of which comes in the form of Thar Disaster where children suffering from malnutrition finally die suffering through different diseases. Sometimes I think that perhaps government faces many problems in taking steps towards healthy Pakistan in such remote areas but my thoughts stuck when I see that even in Islamabad most of the people are forced to drink polluted water.

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