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S M Zafar, a famous lawyer belonging to Shakargarh was born on 6 December 1930 in Rangoons m zafar, Burma where his father Syed Muhammad Ashraf Kashfi Shah Nizami, a respected religious scholar, was in the construction business. During World War II, when the Japanese started bombing Rangoon in 1944, his family returned to native village Chak Kazian in Shakargarh. Zafar did his matriculation from Govt High School Shakargarh. After which moved to Lahore, graduated from Government College Lahore and earned a law degree. He was soon recognised as noted lawyer.

In 1963 he became president of Punjab Bar Council and also served council as member in 1964. He became the part of Ayub Khan cabinet  at the age of 35 and served as federal minister for law and parlimentary affairs. After that he again started practicing law. Zafar was elected president of Lahore High Court Bar Association in 1975  and president of Supreme Court Bar Association in 1976. He has also served as Chairman, Senate Functional Committee on human rights and Chairman, Senate Standing Committee on Education. He has been decorated with Pakistan highest civil award Nishan e Pakistan.

In 1979 he joined Muslim League but when Ghulam Mustufa Jatoyi formed National Peoples Party, he joined it. In 1983, a false case of espoinage against famous Nuclear Scientist Dr. Abdul Qadeer and he was sentenced to him four years in jail. Dr Qadeer then appointed S M Zafar as lead lawyer to defend him. Zafar defended him brilliantly and the verdict was declared null. He also remained federeal minister for law and parlimentary affairs in 1996. On the formation of PML Q he finally joined this party and was elected Senator during the government of Mir Zafar Ullah Khan Jamali. He has also been author of many books. His famous books include

  • Through the Crisis (1971)
  • Who is Dictator?
  • People, Parliment and Islam
  • Hajj- A Journey in Obedience
  • View and Reviews
  • Understanding Statutes
  • My Popular Law Cases
  • Pakistan Benaam Corruption
  • Politics in Court of Law
  • Dialogues on the Political Chess Boar
  • Senator SM Zafar ki kahani unki apni zubani

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