What are significant figures?

Most of the students have misunderstanding regarding the significant figures. In physics every measurement has certain number of significant figures. First of all one should know that figure in this context is digit. In simple words one can say that significant figure (digit) is that one which is measured with […]

Whether Pakistanis Own Pakistan?

Pakistan is a country with many potentials, rivers, agriculture land, four seasons, minerals, and much more than this, its talented people. Despite of all these resources, condition of Pakistan is becoming worst. what is wrong with this country? Condition of certain nation remains same either it is satisfied with its […]

Well Done Umra Khan ! 11

While searching about Umra Khan i came to know that Umra Khan was known as “Nepolean of Pathans”, a pashtun cheif on the north western frontier of British ruled India. Umra Khan was cheifly responsible for Chitral Expedition of 1895. At the moment the personality under discussion is not the […]

Tragedy of Pakistan

The persons who think, can’t do Those who can do, don’t think As a result both the categories keep on moving in wrong direction. You can see Pakistanis belonging to every sector of life, ranging from hawkers to highly technical persons discussing about different policies of government. Some are discussing […]