Fate of Shakargarh could not change despite the change of government

Shakargarh: After the partition, dozens of governments have changed but fate of Shakargarh could not change. Piles of garbage, uncovered manholes and deteriorated roads are lamenting the ignorance of rulers. Polluted water is causing different fatal diseases. Railway road and By Passes are in pathetic condition for the last ten years. Provincial government could not take considerable steps to mitigate the troubles of this area.

Despite its defense and strategic importance, no infrastructure has been built over the last few decades. Only one bridge is functional on Nala Baein in deteriorated condition. Last federal government of PPP (Pakistan People’s Party) announced too many development projects including Sui Gas supply and construction of two bridges on Baein. But on real grounds, gas was supplied selectively on basis of nepotism and favouritism, Bridges are incomplete and non functional.

During first tenure of Musharraf’s local government, few development works were carried out by then Tehsil Nazim Dr. Nimat Ali Javaid which includes reconstruction of Shakargarh Zaferowal road, Shakargarh Bypasses, Nimat Stadium, water filters etc. During the second tenure till now instead of accelerating the speed of development work, roads of shakargarh were dug in the name of sewerage. Until then roads within city were not built. CM Punjab made only one tour to Shakargarh during five years tenure at the occasion of school collapse. As a result of this tour, part of Shakargarh road leading to Noorkot was built. The remaining part of city road perhaps needed another visit of CM.

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