Abdul Wahab Tarkett Technical College was Inaugurated In Narowal 2

Narowal: While keeping in view the demands of new age, Abdul Wahab Tarkett College of Technical and Sciences will play great role  to train young generation. Youngs will have to gain technical education to meet their goals. This was said by Saleh Abdul Wahab Tarkett of Kuwait while inaugurating this college. He said he completed this project of technical education on the advice of his father.Kuwaiti Ambassador to Pakistan Nawaf Abdulaziz Al-Enezi, Jamal Abdullah Abdul Khalaq Alnoori of Kuwait, Malik Tariq Mehmood, Rana Manan Khan MPA, Hafeez Ullah and Dr. Liaqat Shahid were also present at this event.

Sadiq Titla, principal of this college, said that our mission is to enable our students to face the challenges of this world. Narowal, land of Faiz ahmed Faiz will produce skilled workers to improve the economy of pakistan. we thankful for Tarkett family for spending millions to complete this project.

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